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With 24/7 access, virtual tours are one of the most cost effective marketing tools available. Here are just a few of the reasons why a virtual tour is essential to marketing your home or business:

Key Statistics

  • 80% of homebuyers use the internet in their home search; 54% will ONLY look at a home on Realtor.com if they have multiple images or a virtual tour.
  • 88% of buyers who used the internet state virtual tours are useful in their search.
  • Over 50% of American adult internet users have taken a virtual tour.
  • On any given day, approx. 6 million internet users are taking a virtual tour.

Homebuyer Benefits

  • Quickly preview homes to narrow search and enable you to focus visits to homes you are truly interested in.
  • Reduced time and expense (saves gas!!) especially when searching for homes out of town/state.

Homeowner Benefits

  • Set your rental property apart by offering a more comprehensive view that enables renters to ‘experience’ their vacation property.
  • House showings are focused on truly interested buyers who have previewed the property.
  • Attract out of town buyers; link to city and school information.

Realtor Benefits

  • Quality images matter. Show your client you are not cutting corners when marketing their home.
  • Hire a professional real estate photographer allows you to focus on time spent with clients.
  • Internet buyers spend 1/3 the time searching for a house and walk through twice as many homes compared to traditional buyers.
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